About CNC

About CNC

Achieving Codava Homeland – A saga of struggle- it requires personal unflinched commitment, determination, dedication, conviction, vision, honesty in purpose, patience and perseverance, besides love towards Codavas When Nachappa started his home land struggle (movement) in 1991, Codavas had no identity. Starting with a tiny, embryonic movement that patiently brought together the sons and daughters of a scattered and dismembered people, he (Nachappa) gave the Codava’s a National identity, placing their destiny firmly on the map and on the world’s conscience. Who can say today that the Codavas and Codava Land do not exists? CNC is the irrepressible Codava voice and domineering socio-political and politico-cultural movement of Codavas.

Political Goals

The CNC's political aim is definetly based on the directives of the Codavas revered Guru and Karonas,which is engraved on the pages of Codava history and is in the mind of the Codava Struggle. There is not a single word or even an oblique hint in the entire Codava land resolution and struggle which could denote either Secessionism or Separatism.

Diaspora Codava

Diaspora Codava minority nationality which is relatively strong in its economic and professional development, but insecure politically and psychologically.