Codavas generally are known to be self indulgent immersed in comforts without any knowledge about their race and the credit goes to Mr. N.U.Nachappa Codava and CNC who single handedly has succeeded in attracting the international attention towards Codava race and our legimate rights to be identified as a classical ethno-lingustic tribal minority nationals and that itself is an achivements par excellence.

Development Board for Coorg Proposed by Constitution Review Commission of India “A Victory of CNC”

The recommendations of the constitution review commission regarding the establishment of Coorg Development Council under Article 371, the demand was originated, initiated and pressurised by CNC only, should be given effect to at once. (Please note: Chapter 8: union state relation 8.23.1 of CRC report) “The recommendation for a separate Development Board for Codagu, made by the Constitution Review Commission is a step forward to the resurgence of Codava Land”. The CNC had presented memorandums before the Commission headed by Honorable Justice M. N. Venkatachalaiah and had met almost all the members of the commission and apprised them of the need for the restoration of Codava land, constitutional special guarantee for the Codava race, reservation for Codavas on the basis of primitive ethno linguistic tribal minority national status’, and autonomous Central University.
I recall about the special meeting convened by the CRC for a 30 member delegation on November 21, 2000 when the delegation had visited Delhi in connection with the CNC's rally and appraised him of the demands of CNC. "No doubt many of our requests have been left untouched, yet we have half succeeded and we are grateful to Justice Venkatachalaiah and other constituents of the Commission." That the ball is now in the Union Government’s court. I am sure that the report submitted by the Commission will see easy passage in the parliament on presentation. The actual procedure required amendments to each and every area touched by the statute book separately. Likewise a Constitutional Amendment under Article 371 has to be made, as have been made amendments to Article 371 {A) 10 371(i) in case of Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Andhra, Sikkim, Mizorarn, Arunachal, Goa, Vidarbha, Marathwada, Saurashtra and Kutch. All aspects concerning Development Boards require President's special powers. The governors of each given state is responsible to act in acc9rdance with the directions of the President from time to time".

Significance of the Development Board:

A. Establishment of a separate Development Board for Coorg with the provision that a report on the working of this board will be placed each year before state legislative assembly. 

B. The equitable allocation of funds for development expenditure over the said areas, subject to the requirements of the state as a whole and, 

C. The equitable arrangement providing adequate facilities for technical education and vocational training and adequate opportunities for employment in

services under the control of the state and central government.

The Governor has to act according to the directions issued by the President from time to time and the Governor has to act in his discretion. This means that even though the governor has to consult the ministers, the final decision in these matters shall be that of the Governor in his individual judgment, which no court can question. That the mention of “Coorg” was deleted when Article 242 of the Constitution (exclusively for Coorg when it was part C state) was repealed. Now that the amendment to Article 371 are expected to be made in course of time, it is more significant fact that the word “Coorg” shall find its entry into our Constitution once again.
“The aldermen of Coorg met the Simon Commission in 1930s and certain provisions have been incorporated in the Govt. of India Act, 1935. It was the first and only occasion when something positive was made by the Codavas to find place in nation’s prime statute book. Now it is my organization (CNC) has done the repeat performance I add more authoritatively that none except my organization has made anything so far in relation to the districts development Board and the entire credit should go to the Codava National Council only.
The person from Coorg who was a Cabinet Minister then in the J.H. Patel ministry who’ did not find it proper to say one single word regarding the need of Development Board for Coorg during July 1998, when the Karnataka Cabinet headed by J. H. Patel as the CM, recommended for the creation of a development board for Hyderabad Karnataka region, to the Union Government.
I and my organization will dedicate ourselves to strive for the prime demands viz. resurgence of Cadava Land, right to self determination of Codava minority race, separate Codava land and constitutional special guarantee for Codavas land, language, culture, heritage, economic and political freedom. It took us 11 years of dedicated efforts and we will continue till the goal is attained.

Achievements OF NACHAPPA:

It is Nachappa who has raised objections regarding the large scale corruptions prevailing amongst the officers of the government in Codagu. It is he who has shaken the Karnataka Government. Who else but Nachappa who has given great clarion call for an independent Codava Land at the thresholds of the parliament. He gave Voice to silenced Codavas. Starting from the Codava Legends and history. It is Nachappa who alone has met people individually in enlighten about each of our individuals rights, about the agitations demanding such other states in India an historical back ground from else where in the universe with concrete proof. True there are few individuals who have done some useful job in their respective fields for a time, but none so for has done any things such the ones Nachappa did during the last 13 years or more years for Codaga as a whole. Any of the detractors of Nachappa who refuse to concur with the above statements ,may come forward with adequate proof and evidence against Nachappa and place such things before our society.

From Hassan borders to Kerala borders, from Dakshina Kannda borders to Mysore borders, Nachappa might have walked through out the lengths and breadth of Codagu along with his sincere followers and to the accompaniment of trumpets, drum beat and folk dance and also might have met people convincing them about his mission, motto and policies and aims, the aims of a self esteemed Codava Land. He might have conducted innumerable jaathas, rallies and meetings in order to generate momentum for the movements he is heading. The clandestine efforts to foil the massive rally and caused ignominy to him by his adversaries have been effectively silenced by Nachappa winning over the law administrative authorities and the leadership he showed at the time is simply exemplary.

More than any thing else, Nachappa took more than 5000 enthusiastic volunteers and in the second instance about 2000 enthuse acts from codagu to Delhi by chartering special trains from bangalore and when the massive procession was heading towards the parliaments House, the law enforcing authorities prevented him by forming human barricades, but the indomitable Nachappa instantly converted the parliament road into a road side platform and delivered the powerful key note address. Not only that a befitting Codava cultural shows was also performed by the participants before presenting charter of Demands to the president and the prime minister respectively. All the enthusiastic Volunteers who have participated in the rallies at Delhi were safely brought back home by Nachappa with a strict sense of duty and all were happy. He even proved a strange fact that the police force was never essential as the entire Codava demonstrators behaved in an upright and dignified manner. Such an incident in unprecedented in Indian history.

No doubt many public persons have worked for the benefits of Codagu, but each and every one of them proved himself to be interested in the personal aggrandizement and popularity, power and profit, but the path tread past by Nachappa has been very different. It is heartneding to note that all those enthusiast who have taken part in rallies, satyagrahas and meeting have done so by spending money from their own purse and regardless of the scorching sun and heavy down pour in order to listen to the massage that Nachappa delivered.

It is true the orgainsers of praja Vedike who time and again opposed Nachappa had every right to do so and the constitution does not restrict any such things. Instead of adopting lawful activites, his detractors try to take satisfaction by publishing all such unreadable articles in some of the yellow journals, but nothing could shake the courage, determination and purpose of Nachappa.

If people who are capable of convincing people about the opposition to the mission, purpose and principles of Nachappa by taking recourse to lawful methods, people will accept such ones, but they will be shown their place if they indulge in unhealthy comments and try to pass recriminations.

Nachappa could never be a coward or a thief or be a fraudulent one. Neither a timeserver he is nor could he indulge in hating people of other castes, communities and religions he has full knowledge about the things connected with Codagu, Codavas and Codavame from ancient times until todays. He knows the things what Codava Land needs, how should it be acquired and when. As such indulging in unethical commentaries against Nachappa, his principles, motts and methods will do no good in any manner. He has been doing what he sincerely can and he will reach the destiny properly against all odds.