The Prime demands of CNC

Struggle for “CODAVA LAND” i.e. Codava Home Land – Codava Autonomous Region (CAR) on par with Ghoorkha Land under the 6th schedule of our constitution.

Codava Land – with full-fledged autonomy i.e. Codava Autonomous Region (CAR) encompassed with 45 ancient traditional Codava Nads on par with Darjiling Ghoorka Hill Council (DGHC) in Sovereign Republic of India, Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) in People’s Republic of China. And Kurdisthan Autonomous Region (KAR) in Arab Republic of Iraq. Which will ensure statutory protection to Codava Race i.e. political autonomy, physical protection and financial security, over all development of Codava’s. Once autonomy granted to Codava Land the state of Karnataka is understood to lose its power to enforce any enactment unless full concurrence is given by Codava Autonomous Region and the Codava Autonomous Land shall have power and rights to enact law pertaining to the region with the consent of and concurrence of the Governor only. In other words the establishment of Codava Land i.e. Codava Autonomous Region presupposes legislative, executive and judiciary powers to us. Crisply said it is a state within the state. We are advancing our demand for establishment of Codava Autonomous Region only on the direction as are enshrined in the charter of united nations and the promise that may be gauged from 6th schedule of our constitution.

(A) We dedicate to rewrite the magnificent history of Codavas that has been effaced and enliven the unique and independent identity we nurtured from ages now that is lost. Codavas should be recognized as significantly infinitesimal district minority nationality. Recognition of 45 Nads as their traditional and indivisible homeland, recognition of Codavas right to internal self determination – we mean the right of our people to decide their own political destiny. It can alsoapply to autonomy and self governance i.e. Autonomous Codava Land.

(B) Effective arrangements should be made to safeguard the interest of minority Codava ethno-linguistic nationality living out side Codava Land. So that they do not fall prey to any discrimination.

Our other demands are;

  • Ethno linguistic minority tribal national status for Codavas under article 340, 342 of our constitution and extend reservation facilities in the field of education, employment and financial on the lines of other tribals of our nation.
  • Constitutional special guarantee for our land tenure and customary personnel laws on the lines of Jammu and Kashmir and North Eastern States of India under article 370 and 371 of the Constitution of India. This clause will guarantees us i.e. except alienation the entire supremacy over all the lands of Jamma tenure shall rest with hereditary traditional holders thereof.
  • The ministry of HRD should establish Central University at "Codava Kundh" for World “Codavalogy” on the lines of North-Eastern Hill University, Alighar Muslim University, Banaras Hindu University, ancient Nalanda and Thakshila Universities, proposed world Sikh University at Fathegarh Sahib .
  • Codava language being ancient, rich and living spoken language must be included in the 8th schedule of our constitution, Codava language should be implemented as a administrative language under article 350B of the constitution of India on par with Konkani language of the state.
  • Exemption under Indian Arms Act to hold firearms to Codava by race should continue without any hindrance forever and ever after. Such a thing should be incorporated in the manner of constitutional guarantee which may be treated as our customary personal law.

It is interesting, rather surprising, to note that a totally Non-Codava scholar in Prof. Balvir Arora of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU, New Delhi) an internationally renowned political scientist and thinker of eminence has presented a paper at Codava Seminar organized by CNC and it certainly gives an insight into the Codava existence.


1. His Excellency The Hon’ble president

Sovereign Republic of India
Rashtrapathi Bhavan,
New Delhi

2. The Hon’ble Prime Minister

Sovereign Republic of India

3. The Hon’ble Minister for Home Affairs

Govt. of India.

4. The Hon’ble Minister for HRD

Union Government of India New Delhi.

5. His Excellency The Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka

Raj Bhavan, Bangalore-1.

6. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka

Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore-1.

7. The Hon’ble Minister for Home Affairs

Government of Karnataka Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore-1

8. The Hon’ble Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha

Parliament House New Delhi,

9. Mr. Adagur H. Vishwanath

M.P. Mysore- Kodagu Parliamentary constituency Parliament House, New Delhi.

10. His Excellency The Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka

10. His Excellency The Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka Raj Bhavan, Bangalore-1.


The Hon’ble Deputy Commissioner, Codagu district Madikeri-571201, Karnataka.


Sub: Consider “Codava Land” demand along with the consideration of Darjeeling Gurkha Land- a request – imminence of knocking at the doors of world forums ( UNO) – A notice of.

1. Before delving deep into the subject intended to be pressed forward, we would like to congratulate Dr. Man Mohan Singh on his being continued in the post of Prime Minister of India and we take this opportunity to wish him a great success in all spheres of his activities throughout the tenure of office and further wish that he takes India to the dizzy heights. So we congratulate Mrs. Sonia Gandhi for having lead her party to an enviable success in the recently held general elections for the 15th Lok Sabha and we hope that she would continue to exert very same strength and stamina in order to lead India to natural success what it deserves. It would be an inappropriate act on our part should we fail to congratulate Mr. Lal Krishna Adwani while he had the rare opportunity of having been elected to the high post of leader of the opposition for a second time in the Lok Sabha and we naturally wish him identical success as the opposition leader. Besides congratulating all other party personages, we drag this opportunity to congratulate Mr. B.S. Yediyurappa for having lead his party to a great success in the state of Karnataka. Our congratulations are due to Mr. Adagur H. Vishwanath on his successful entry into the Lok Sabha through Mysore-Codagu parliamentary constituency. We wish all health, happiness and long life.

2. At this juncture we proposed to remind each of our national leaders, parties and factions about the duty cast upon them regarding the long felt need and demand of Codavas by race about the pressure for establishing a “homeland” for Codavas in south west Karnataka under the nomenclature of Codava Autonomous Region( CAR) under the 6th schedule of our constitution on the lines of Darjeeling Gurkha land and we may not be failing in our duties if we fail to remind each of our national leaders about our having requested to support the Codava demand during the electioneering days and see that Codavas by race attain their home land the way Gurkhas and Bodos, not to forget the instances of such innumerable bodies elsewhere in north eastern states has been mentioned even in 5th and 6th schedules of our constitution about the existence of about nearly 120 villages and regions of ethnic and nationality groups.

3. It may not be an inopportune act on our part if we may mention about the congress party with late Mr. Rajeev Gandhi spearheading the governance of India did successfully constitute Darjeeling Gurkha Hill Council (DGHC) in the year 1988. And further that the Government lead by Dr. Manmohan Singh is known to be active in order to grant further greater autonomy to the Gurkha Hill council under the 6th schedule of our constitution. We will not forget to make mention about the creation of Bodo Territorial Council (BTC) during the times of late Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao ( in the year 1993).

4. It certainly is a fact that India has been supporting in the causes of Cuba, Vietnam, East Timor, Bangla Desh, Palestine, South Africa, Kurdhisthan and Tibet and that India definitely as lent military and financial support to each of such liberation movements politically, morally and diplomatically and psychologically, but all these entities are out of bounds of our nation. Historically Codavas by race with roots in Indian soil localized only to the territorial bounds of 45 ancient traditional Codava Naads (cluster villages) within the state of Karnataka. And article 51 (a) of our constitution reaffirms our nations desire to protect, promote and enliven any composite cultural group and subaltern nationality in a compact region under the domain of majority community. Added to it the UN charter also finds place for such an act and the same has been treated as human rights also.

5. With such a classical background Codavas under the banner of Codava National Council (CNC), the only socio-political and politico-cultural organization of its kind of Codavas and Codava land, been struggling peacefully during the past over 18 years with such a demand and towards such a direction we t have conducted innumerable and largely attended mass rallies, seminars, sathyagrihas, conferences and public meetings in national and state capitals regarding our dream land, but without any positive response from the concerned. It is distressing to note that the governmental organizations have been making continued efforts to silence Codava ethos and cause ethnic cleansing of Codavas by a tricky move called homogenization. This in fact is disastrous to the very theme enshrined in the article 51 (a) of our constitution and UN human rights declaration and International declaration on human rights as well.

6. India being the largest ethnic diversity nation in the world and Karnataka being a renowned heterogeneous state. It always is judicious to recognize Codava existence and despite this should the concerned continue their tyrannical attitude, rapacious act and hatred policy, towards Codava race, it would be but proper that we will be constrained to amplify our grouse at world bodies.

7. Therefore we desire to warn all the concerned about our willingness to take the matter to the world bodies, especially the UN, European commission and Amnesty International unless a comprehensive political settlement is made at once and on the failure of the Union Government to respond positively to our legitimate demands as early as possible, we would be holding a sathyagriha in the precincts of UNO office at New Delhi on 1.11.2009 in order to amplify our grouse and enlighten the world bodies soon thereafter. It is a disheartening truth that some governmental entities are over enthusiastic to suppress the legitimate Codava movement by giving political importance to traitor Codavas and virtual non entities and the concerned should take note of the fact that such things will not solve any problem, but instead aggravate the Codava psyche.

8. Therefore we fervently request all the concerned to look into the Codava problem with a renewed enthusiasm and judicious perspective and we hope that the long felt Codava Autonomous Region will come into being before the turn of the year 2009.

Despite of our having submitted innumerable representations and memorandums regarding the inclusion of Codava thakk in the VIII schedule of our constitution. The Government of Karnataka sent delegations in order to make hue and cry regarding the assigning the classical status to Kannada language but unfortunately has deliberately failed to insist for the inclusion of Codava thakk in the VIII schedule of our constitution.

Thanking you,

Encl : A true replica of our demands made earlier is Enclosed herewith for your kind perusal.

Copies of this memorandum are forwarded to

1. Mr. Ban-ki-Moon, The Secretary General, United Nations.
2. Mr. David O’Sullivan, The secretary General, European Commission
3. Miss. Irene Zubaida Khan, The secretary General, Amnesty International


Sub: Consider “Codava Land” demand along with the consideration of Darjeeling Gurkha Land- a request – imminence of knocking at the doors of world forums ( UNO) – A notice of. “KAKKADA PADINETT” CELEBRATIONS TO HIGHLIGHT “CODAVA LAND“ DEMAND. PRESS RELEASE 31.7.2009

Dear Sir,

Our native Codavas are hereby informed that the celebrations are touching “Kakkada Padnett” one of the foremost agrarian rituals of Codavas by race are scheduled to be held on 3 August 2009 at 10 O’clock in the morning. The venue being at Capitol Village, Madikeri with all fervor and enthusiasm. All the preparations such as Naad Koli (Kakkada Koli) Madd Putt, Madd Payasa, & Madd Kool would be made ceremoniously during the night intervening 17 and 18 of Kakkada followed by ‘Naati Nedpa‘ transplanting program at Paddy field of Capitol Village on that day and accompanied by ritualistic “dudikott paat” and such other things. All are cordially invited for the occasion and it would be pertinent to inform all the concerned all those intended participants in the celebrations would be in traditional Codava attire and please note that CNC insists all such things only in order to project, preserve and propagate all those things connected with Codava race, Codava cultural heritage, Codava customary personal laws and Codava ethos for the future Codava generation and also with an intention to attract the notice of the society and the Government. So that the demand for establishment of “Codava Land” on the lines of Darjeeling Gorkha land under the VI schedule of our constitution and special constitution protection for our land, language, and customary personal law etc., the one rich in ancient folklore traditions and cultural heritage to be considered as early as possible.

One must remember that Madd kool supplies 18 varieties of medicinal features if consumed accompanied by Naad Koli on the 18th day of Kakkada. After all traditions and beliefs are the corner stones of any given ancient aboriginal group of people and their respective mother land.