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A CODAVA SATHYAGRAHA ON THIS DAY i.e. 14.09.2015 in the vicinity of DC’s office Madikeri-Coorg

1.    His Excellency Shri Pranab Mukharjee,
The Hon’ble President Sovereign Republic of India,
Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi – 01

2.    Shri Narendra Modi ji,
The Hon’ble Prime Minister Sovereign Republic of India,
South Block, New Delhi – 01

3.    Shri Rajanath Singh ji,
The Hon’ble Minister for Home Affairs,
Union Govt of India
North Block, New Delhi – 01  

4.    Shri Vaju Bhai Vala ji,
His Excellency The Hon’ble Governor,
State of Karnataka,
Rajbhavan Bangalore - 01  

5.    Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
His Excellency The Secretary General
1st ave.and46th street,NewYork,NY10017USA
Tel: 1(212)9631234
Fax: 1(212)9634879

6.    Dr. Rakesh Tewari
Office of the Director General,
Archeological Survey of India,
Janpath, New Delhi – 11

7.    The Director,
UNESCO House B-5/29,
Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi,
Delhi 110 029

8.    Shri Pratap Simha
The Hon’ble Member of Parliament,
Mysore, Kodagu – Coorg

9.    Shri Jual Oram,
The Hon’ble Union Minister for Tribal Affairs,
Govt of India,
Room No 750-A,
Shastri Bhawan, A – Wing,
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road,New Delhi-110001.

10.    Dr. Mahesh Sharma,
Hon’ble Union Minister for Culture,
Govt of India,
C – Wing, Shashthri Bhavan New Delhi -500081
Through the Deputy Commisioner of Kodagu (Coorg) Karnataka, Madikeri 571201



A CODAVA SATHYAGRAHA ON THIS DAY i.e. 14.09.2015 in the vicinity of DC’s office Madikeri-Coorg
National Monument should be erected at Devati Paramb on the lines of jallian walabagh
The purpose for which the organization was established

We take pleasure to inform about the purposeful completion of 24 years of the existence, and the continuation of Codava National Council and the incessant & our eventful political struggle for the demands of the establishment of Codava land UT status under articles 2&3 of our Constitution, Codava land Autonomous region under the 6th Schedule of our Constitution, Constitutional special protection to Codava Martial tribal Race under articles 340 & 342 of our Constitution, inclusion of Codava Thakk in the 8th schedule of our Constitution, coupled with protection for the Land tenure, customary practices and folk legal systems of Codava race including the continuation of right to hold Guns under article 371 of our Constitution on the lines of protection extended to Mizo’s and Naga’s. Special nomination of Codava race to Parliament and Assemblies under article 331 of our Constitution on the lines of Anglo Indians. Our demand includes the establishment of National monument at Devati Paramb on the lines of Jallian Walla bagh.
1.    It is a fact that Modi Govt has entered a pact with NSCN (I-M) granting Naga people with a “shared sovereignty” with India on 3 Aug 2015 in order to strengthen our federal system. – we demand a permanent political package to grant Codava Land with UT status under articles 2&3 of our constitution as done with Naga question.
2.    The said fact includes granting Naga Patkai Autonomy to Naga inhabited areas in the state of Arunachal Pradesh and our demands also include granting Autonomy to Codava land under the 6th schedule of our Constitution.
3.    We demand Tribal status to Codavas by race under articles 340 – 342 of our Constitution. We take pleasure to remind the Govt about the inclusion of Jain Community as religious minority even though they are known to be the wealthiest people in India besides being Hindus in real sense. Jaats are also granted OBC status despite the fact that they are economically, politically and socially most affluent class of people spread over in 9 states of our country. The Rajasthan state has granted tribal status to violent Gujjars whose numbers exceeds 8crore in the country. Even though Codavas by Race historically are known to be a Martial Class in Nature and numbering a meager 1 ½ lakhs population and that no other class of people would be affected or jeo paradize if we are granted with Tribal status. PS. unlike Zoroastrians who are scattered everywhere in the Nation besides being the richest and prominent in the judiciary, industrial arena and in general activities besides being most Cosmopolitan and urbane. They have a separate religion of their own called Zoroastrianism unlike Codavas who are rustic by nature confined to Kodagu /Coorg region. Hence tribal status is fittest for them.  
4.    Codava Thakk / Codava Language is as ancient as human civilization is rich and living spoken language throughout the history fit enough to be included in the 8th schedule of our Constitution. We propose to cite MANORAMA YEAR BOOK which mentions about the 16 popular languages of our country which includes Codava language to strengthen our claim – Manorama year book page 680 - other Popular Languages 1. Angika 2. Awadhi 3. Bhojpuri 4. Bundeli 5. Chhatisgarhi 6. Hariyanavi 7. Hinduatani 8.
Kanauji 9. Magadhi 10. Marwari 11. Bhili 12. Gondi 13. Kodava 14. Kutchi 15. Thulu 16. Mahi.
5.    The provisions of article 371 of our constitution with inner line permit should be made applicable to Kodagu region at once as has been done in relation to Manipur and other North Eastern states. With a solitary intention of protecting our land from alienation and protecting our demography and such a things called as inner line permit. Important factor is that large number of underworld dons regular miscreants with harden criminality, and business Tycoons from across the Country with the active support and assistance from Hawala agencies and fake currency racketeers have been grabbing lands in the this District. With a major idea of protecting lands in the district and the interest of the natives the promulgation of such stringent law within Coorg is warranted.      
6.    Exclusive codava nominated representation in the parliament and state Assembly should be given under article 331 of our Constitution on the lines of Anglo Indian community.
7.    Devati Paramb massacre – a tragic human holocaust in the mankind – Insist for National Memorial / Monument of that Memorial on the lines of Jallianwala Bagh in memory of Amritsar Massacre. in memory of those Codava families (approximately 60 thousand unarmed Codavas) who were masssacred by ruthless tippu sulthan of srirangapatna and his rapacious soldiers, after 3 continuous invasions Tippu got defeated by Codava warriors disapointing in this insult he conspired to eliminate entire codava martial tribal race, cunningly invited them for a grand feast in the pretext of entering a friendly treaty with Codavas at Devati Paramb in the year 1785 13 December. This heinous inhuman tragic genocide/holocaust in the mankind happened in this place. – but their great souls are still alive in Devati Paramb. PS All the proposals placed by CNC touching the request for treating Devati Parambu as National Monument are being hijacked and poached. The miscreants have not left, one single comma, semicolon, full stop, Subjects and Thok Namme etc., and the body language of all the communications, all  the public lectures and statements of our leader verbatim. They have not even allowed untouched the dress code of CNC and contents of all the wordings of our official lettered in order to  play miss chief we expect fellows  to distort the very nature of the movement we are leading. They try to confuse the Government, the Press and the general public always. Therefore we cushion the general public, the media and the Governmental setup to be very careful about the unhealthy and diabolic mischievous activities of these Jackals .
8.     This organization CNC held  a Sathyagraha in the vicinity of the office of the DC Kodagu Madikeri this day on 14-Sep-2015 in order to pressurize our prime demands as are mentioned above and awareness human chain program would be conducted thereafter in all villages and towns in the District – as the first human chain program of the season would be held at Kakkabbe on 21-Sep-2015 and followed by the one at Napoklu on 28-Sep-2015 and 5-Oct-2015 at Kutta and the like.
Calendar of events:
1.    Pattholadhi at Devati Paramb on 20-10-2015
2.    New Delhi Chalo Sathyagraha on 1-11-2015
3.    Codava National Day celebrations on 24-11-2015
4.    CNC Annual Puthari festival on 25-11-2015 (Birchyar 9)  
5.    CNC Mourning Day on 13-12-2015 (Devati Paramb Masacre Day)
6.    CNC Annual Thok Namme on 18 Dec 2015
7.    United Nations Holocaust remembrance day on 27-01-2016 (at Devati Paramb)
       Hence we pressurize the Govt to consider our demands positively and as early as possible.

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