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A New Delhi Chalo program by CNC and proposal to hold a Sathyagraha at National Capital on 01 Nov 2015. Insisting the Union Govt to re-play the game as it did in the year 1991 with regard to the erstwhile part ‘C’ State of Delhi after 36 years ...........

TO,                                                                                                                              16-10-2015

  1. His Excellency The Hon’ble President,

          Sovereign Republic of India

         Raisina Hills

         Rashtrapthi Bhawan

          New Delhi - 01

  1. Shri Narendra Modi Ji

          The Hon’ble Prime Minister

          Sovereign Republic of India

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  1. Shri Rajanath Singh Ji

         The Hon’ble Union Minister For Home Affairs

         Govt of India

          North Block

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  1. His Excellency The Hon’ble Governor,

          State of Karnataka,

          Raj Bhawan

          Bangalore – 01

  1. His Excellency

Secretary General
Ban Ki-moon

1st ave. and 46th street
New York, NY 10017 USA




Through the Hon’ble Deputy Commissoner /District Magistrate Codagu(Coorg)Madikeri-571201-Karnataka




Dear Sirs,

Sub: A New Delhi Chalo program by CNC and proposal to hold a Sathyagraha at National Capital on 01 Nov 2015. Insisting the Union Govt to re-play the game as it did in the year 1991 with regard to the erstwhile part ‘C’ State of Delhi after 36 years. And assign Union Territory status to Kodagu to be renamed as Union Territory of Codava land under Articles 2& 3 of our Constitution. – 100 members Codava Volunteers will squat in a Sathyagraha in the vicinity of Janthar MNanthar Parliament Street New Delhi thereafter will submit a detailed memorandum to the President and Union Govt.

It always is better if one goes deeply into the recent History of Delhi with that of Kodagu (Coorg). From 1952 to 1955 Delhi was a ‘C’ Type State (As is generally known that Shri Jawaharlal Nehru and G.B Panth prevailed upon the State re-Organization Commission to abolish State hood of Delhi and convert the same to be a Municipal Corporation understandably with a solitary intention of ousting Shri Chowdhri Bhrama Prakash the then Chief Minister of Delhi which resulted in the suppression of the natural aspirations of Delhi citizens). The Union Govt diluted the State hood Status of Delhi into Metropolitan Council on the basis of the recommendation of  the State Reorganization Commission headed by justice Fazal Ali from 1955 and it remained so until 1991, and once again on the insistence of the general Civil society of Delhi and in reality it amounts to the realization of  the past blunder, when once again Union Territory Status was conferred on Delhi with a new nomenclature as National Capital Territory of Delhi under a new insertion to the Constitution of India as articles 2&3 read with Articles 239AA. If we make a comparative study of the recent history of Kodagu with that of Delhi, we find a close similarity as between the two. A ‘C’ type State of Coorg merged with the state of Mysore; now Karnataka in the year 1956 once again consequent to the mischief played by the State re-Organization Commission headed by justice Fazal Ali. We believe that the some conspiracy identical to the one that transpired as between Jawaharlal Nehru and G.B Panth in order to abolish the Statehood of Delhi in the year 1955. It continues to be the very same even now. If Union Govt felt the need to feel the breath of the population while it reconverted the Civic – administrative body of Municipal Corporation of Delhi into a full fledged Politico – administrative Union Territory with a proper Legislative Assembly in the year 1991.

Our Organization i.e CNC took its birth only to reclaim Statehood initially since consequent upon amendment to the Constitution in renaming the ‘C’ Type States as Union Territories we too have changed our claim for the re -establishment of Coorg with a descriptive Codava Land Union Territory under Articles 2&3 of our Constitution and we stick to it. No doubt if the Union Govt could determine to re - establish a Statehood ; now Union Territory Status to Delhi, why not the same yard stick be made applicable with the claim for Union Territory of Codava Land of Coorg . Now we want the Union Govt to carry out the realization of the past mistake as mentioned and fulfill the definitive natural aspirations of Codava race at least now by conferring Codava land UT Status to Coorg. Such a thing is very essential if the disparity that has been applied to Kodagu and Codava race by the Successive State Govts in Karnataka we sincerely feel that with the things prevail just now the future of generality in Kodagu is felt to be very bleak. Our present Prime Minister has been speaking a lot extolling about the importance of Army and our Soldier Community these days why not our respectful P.M make applicable his mind to such a thing even with regard to Codavas by race who historically proved ourselves to be effective warriors and Soldiers always fighting for the Unity and Security of our Great Country by conferring UT Status to Coorg.

If the Union Govt could feel the aspirations of the generality of Delhi after 36 long years why not the same  yardstick should be made applicable to the question of Kodagu even though it remains a disrespected part and parcel of Karnataka during the past over 59 years. Kodagu i.e Coorg, the Cradle of Military genius Codava Martial Race and it has its own Cultural heritage, Civilization, Language, Customary personal laws, way of thinking, Demographic mosaic, Topographical feature, and unique Geo - political aspiration to be renamed as Union Territory of Codava land.

With such a background we are determined to stick to our theory and press forward our claim and we certainly try to make the Union Govt feel our aspirations as we did during the past 25 years. Once again we are certain to exhibit our wish to disown our status as a District of Karnataka with such a determination our organization would hold a Sathyagraha on State re-Organization day i.e on Karnataka Rajyotsava day on 01-11-2015 ; but never to celebrate a State re-Organization day. It definitely is intended to be for the establishment of Union Territory Status of Codava land. Each and every soul inhabited in Kodagu/Coorg are breathing with us.

It may not be an out of place act on our part if we are permitted to mention the behavior of successive Union Governments while it converted the following erstwhile part ‘C’ states except Coorg (part ‘C’ States Ajmer, Bhopal,Bilaspur, Coorg, Himachal Pradesh, Kutch, Manipur, Tripura and Vindhya Pradesh.) into either Union Territories or State hood or Autonomous development bodies with the special Constitutional protections either under 6th Schedule or Article 371,   but nothing has been mentioned with regard to Kodagu/Coorg. Now it is most appropriate time to seize the opportunity and establish Union Territory of Codava land in order to set right the historical wrong, blunder and fallacy committed in the year 1956 while Kodagu/Coorg became merged with a larger State and dislodge Kodagu from the Shackles of the tyrannical, rapacious and hegemonic State of Karnataka at once.

Thanking you,                                                                                                   with warm regards,


                                                                                                               N.U. Nachappa Codava
                                                                                                                Codava National Council/CNC 
                                                                                                                P.B. no. 12,Madikeri     Kodagu
                                                                                                                Ph:-9448721200                                                                                                                                                                              nachappa@codavanationalcouncil.in



PS Our Charter of Demands as mentioned below:-

  1. We demand a permanent political package to grant Codava land with Union Territory status for Coorg under articles 2 & 3 of our Constitution.      
  2. Autonomy to Codava land under the 6th schedule of our Constitution.
  3. We demand Tribal status to Codavas by race under articles 340 and 342 of our Constitution.
  4. Codava thak should be included in the 8th schedule of our Constitution.
  5. Protect our land tenure under article 371 of our Constitution.
  6. Exclusive Codava nominated representation in the parliament and assembly should be given under article 331 of our Constitution.
  7. Devati Paramb massacre  ( massacred by Tippu in the year 1785)- we insist for a national monument of that memorial on the lines of Jallian walabagh in memory of Amritsar massacre.
  8. Under Indian Arms act 1959 section 3 & 4  for carry and posses fire arms by Codavas and Jamma holders should be continued and protected for ever without any hindrance.
  9. Demand for the implementation of the recommendations made by Constitution review Commission of India on the insistence of Codava National Council for the creation of Coorg Development Board under article 371 of (Please note : Chapter 8 Union State relation 8.23.1 of CRC report) as has been done in relation to touching Hyderabad Karnataka Region - appropriate amendment to the Constitution is desirable at once.


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