The trusted leader of our movement i.e. CNC has a indomitable courage, irrepressible velour, conviction, vision, commitment ,passion, compassion, coupled with strong will and extraordinary love for the home land and his people through out with a strong determination to struggle for our inherent rights , birth rights, fundamental rights and constitutional rights.

CNC leader Mr. Nachappa Codava has wideknowledge about the day to day affairs of the world in general.

Since 1991 Mr.Nachappa Codava has come to symbolise one of the longest and most powerful resistance movements in modern Codava world and its history.

From Codava's cartographic dismemberment and rewriting history, to ethnically drawing codavas through large scale Kannada migration and systematically undermining codava institutions.

Unnerved that CNC's Soft power has stood up, to its untrammeled power. Karnataka today has taken to haranguing while enforcing stringent and draconian laws against codava people and its region.

The CNC's Nachappa gave up its demand for statehood more than one decade ago, yet the kannadigas Prabhaganda machine still brands him a "splitist", as if Karnataka holds a historically and legally incontestable entitlement to Codava land.

Sathyagraha at New Delhi

This organization was contemplated by a Codava youth somewhere in the year 1991 and he is none other than N.U. Nachappa Codava, a son of Nandineravanda Mr. Uthappa and Mrs. Kunjammi. The Nandineravanda clan originally hailing fromIbnivolavadi of Madikeri taluk and Nachapp's grand father having migrated to Cikkabettageri village near Guddehosur of Kushalanagar. Just now Mr. Nachappa Codava has been residing at Noorakkanad kund in between Chettalli and Kathalekad, the second of the three sons of Nandinervanda Mr. Uthappa and Mrs. Kunhammi, of Ajjinanda clan of Kolagadalu village of Benganad, Madikeri taluk, was a lawyer for a profession (law graduate from Bangalore University) but, his natural inclination turned out in to be a relentless revolutionary for Codava cause

Rite now he is 50, his better half being a daughter of Balladichanda late Mr. Medappa of Kandagala village of Beraali Naad, Virajpet taluk, the couple have 3 children. It is interesting to note that Mrs. Rekha Codavathi is a LT.Col. in the military service.

N.U. Nachappa Codava heading the organization has successfully conducted massive historical rally’s, public meetings and seminars at New Delhi, Bangalore and in Codava Land many times, Where Codavas converged into in order to show their solidarity. In order to enthuse interest of Codavas a traditional Codava National Assembly (Codava Parliament)i.e. Codava Temporal Spiritual Legislature with the representations to the 45 ancient Codava Nads has been constituted and is seriously functioning.

It may not be an out of place act on our part to remind all the concerned to know that the leader of Codava National Council Mr. N.U.Nachappa Codava could not lured, bribed or bullied down in his mission .

As the movement, so the leader, dedicated heart of hearts without any samblence of deal making, neither fixer, nor a realtor, Codava cause is paramount for both. C.N.C. and Nachappa view the world through Codava Cause as did Mahatma through the Hinduism & Sufism, Khan Abdul Gafar Khan through Islam and Pasthun identity, Dalai Lama through Tibetalogy and Buddhism, Suki of Mayanmar through Buddhism, Martin Luther King through Christianity, Nelson Mandela through black African Identity, Arafath of Palestine through Arab identity. Each and every freedom fighter has his root in his or her any given ethno national group in the world. The message being converged by all is one and the same with universal applications still retaining route to Codava Land and Codavame.