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Glimpses of ethnographic Survey/Study carried by TRI scholars in the households of Codava agro -pastoral Cardamom, Coffee tribes of Naaladi Village in Paadi Naalnaad on 5th Feb

03-02-2019 To,

1. His Excellency,
Shri Ramnath Kovindji,
The Hon’ble President Sovereign Republic of India,
Raisina Hills, Rashtrapati Bhavan,
New Delhi – 01.

2. His Excellency,
Shri Venkaiah Naidu ji,
The Hon’ble Vice President of India,
Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi, 110001.

3. Shri Narendra Modi Ji,
The Hon’ble Prime Minister,
Sovereign Republic of India,
South Block New Delhi – 01,

4. Shri Rajanath Singh Ji,
The Hon’ble Union Minister for Home afffairs,
Govt. of India, North Block, New Delhi - 01


Dear Sir/Madam,

SUBJECT: Request to include Codava Quest for Geo - Political Autonomy in the Constitutional amendment Bill to be presented before the Parliament for assigning greater Autonomy to 10 Autonomous councils in the Sixth Schedule areas of North-East.


The Union Cabinet has approved a Constitutional amendment to give greater Autonomy to 10 Autonomous Councils in the Sixth Schedule areas of the North -East. Deepening Autonomy is welcome as it provides local communities a greater say.

Encouraged by the news mentioned in the above subject, we take this opportunity to press the Govt. for assigning Geo –Political Autonomy to Codava territory i.e. Coorg aka Kodagu in Karnataka. Until the year 1956, Coorg the indivisible & traditional home land of Codava tribe was a ‘C’ type state of Indian Union. It was known as well administered, rich, content & happiest region in India and the subjects were being looked after very well by the Govt. Needless to add that Codava tribe was known for its chivalry, gallantry and are valiant, ready to sacrifice their life and spend every paisa earned for the development of this region.

Codava martial tribes are considered to be the minuscule micro minority group of tribe in the world. Our contribution to the World peace & National Sovereignty is unparalleled. The largest section of our tribe did participate in the Second World War (World War 2 between Axis Powers & Allied Powers. Axis Powers are Italy, Austria, Germany, & Japan, Allied Powers are US, UK, France, & Russia – Codava Solders were part of Allied Powers through British India) with a desire to keep peace in the global arena & ultimately it led to Constitution of UNO through Atlantic declaration which became gateway for transformation of new civilized society and consideration of Universal human rights & Rights of Self-determination. After India attained Independence, Codava tribes’ contribution for the sake of the country's development, peace, prosperity, integrity & extraordinary Sovereignty by fully involving for the national security by actively participating in the Armed forces is enormous.

But unfortunately the Governance of the State of Mysore, now Karnataka, has neglected us and carried out many unwanted & unexplainable modus operandi which forced us to flee from our cherished Homeland. In other words it definitely amounts to ethnic cleansing, expanding internal colonialism & forced exodus theory. Karnataka is ethnically diverse and were 1 or 2 Major communities are dominate the state to the exclusion of others where we Codava tribal people have been excluded from all democratic well fare state schemes and we have been marginalized, disrespected and ignored. By assigning Autonomy we can expect the true equilibrium of Socio-Political, Ethno - Lingual and Politico - Cultural Engineering.

We reiterate an inevitable fact the entire Officialdom do behave as though they are the occupational forces of old Mysore. The people of old Mysore area behave themselves to be the illegally empowered.

Occupational force Lesser said the better they have even demonstrated themselves to be a force assigned with powers to snatch and seize all Codava folkloric rights, dress divine sites ,shrines, Cultural heritage etc. which is un Called for.

The entire Codava tribalism would be, Very thank full to you if you carry out our request.

The proposed amendment to Article 280 and the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution will increase financial and executive powers of 10 Autonomous District Councils in Meghalaya, Assam, Mizoram and Tripura. The Codava martial tribes in Codava territory are exclusively demonstrating the things what the 10 above mentioned Autonomous regions do.

Coorg, the traditional Homeland of Codava tribe is strategically very significant on par with North-East. Hence the entire Codava tribe is very important to the nation. Unless the Geopolitical aspirations of Codava tribe is assigned with Autonomy status to safeguard the land, language, Cultural heritage, folkloric repositories, right of self-determination etc., we fear that it would be a great loss to the very security of the greater India.

Our / CNC’s request for assigning Autonomy to Coorg has been conceded by Constitution Review commission (CRC) in the year 2002, headed by justice M. N. Venkatachalaiah, Eminent Jurists, Constitutional experts & Stalwarts like former Speaker of Lok Sabha P. A. Sangma, Dr. Sumitra Kulkarni, Justice Jeevan Reddy, Justice R. S. Sarkaria, former Secretary General of Lok Sabha Dr. Subhash C Kashyap, Justice Punnaiah, Editor of Statesman Irani, Former Ambassador Dr. Abid Hussain, Former Attorney Generals M/s Soli Sorabji & K. Parasharan. The report submitted by the CRC gained its entry in the Book of Constitution under Centre State relation Under CHAPTER- 8 UNION STATE RELATION 8.23.1 OF CRC REPORT.

Therefore we hopefully request you to do the needful to include CNC’s request (of Autonomous status to Kodagu) in the proposed Amendment Bill to be presented before the ensuing Parliamentary session.

Thanking you Copies Marked to:-

1. Dr. Subramanian Swami Ji,
The Hon’ble Rajya Sabha M P,
World Renowned Economist,
Senior Statesman, Former Union Law Minister,
AB – 14, Pandara Road, New Delhi – 110003

2. Shri Mallikarjuna Kharge Ji,
The Hon’ble Leader of the Opp. In the Lok Sabha,
9, Safdarjung Road,New Delhi- 110 011

3. Shri B. K. Hari Prasad Ji,
The Hon’ble Rajya Sabha M P,
C1/10, Lodhi Garden,
New Delhi - 110003

With Warm Regards
NU Nachappa Codava,BA.LLB, Advocate
President CNC Codava National Council
PB No 12 Madikeri - 571201
odava Land & Southwest Karnataka,India
Residence-Noorokkanaad Hills. Cell NO.

CNC Tweets about Ethnographic Survey

Date: 30 - 01- 2019
Shri Ram Nath Kovind Ji,
His Excellency, The Hon’ble President
Sovereign Republic of India Raisina hills,
Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi – 01

Dear Sir

We are very happy that you have greeted 120th birthday of F M Cariappa ji in Codava Thakk. Codava Takk is ancient, rich & is the living spoken Language of Codava tribe, was debated in the Parliament in a PVT Member Bill, moved by BK Hariprasad. We urge you to promulgate an Ordinance to incorporate it in the 8th Schedule & exhibit true Codava concern.

Thanking you Copies Marked to:-

1. Dr. Subramanian Swami Ji,
The Hon’ble Rajya Sabha M P,
World Renowned Economist,
Senior Statesman, Former Union Law Minister,
AB – 14, Pandara Road, New Delhi – 110003

2. Shri Mallikarjuna Kharge Ji,
The Hon’ble Leader of the Opp. In the Lok Sabha,
9, Safdarjung Road,New Delhi- 110 011

3. Shri B. K. Hari Prasad Ji,
The Hon’ble Rajya Sabha M P,
C1/10, Lodhi Garden,
New Delhi - 110003

With Warm Regards
NU Nachappa Codava,BA.LLB, Advocate
President CNC Codava National Council
PB No 12 Madikeri - 571201
odava Land & Southwest Karnataka,India
Residence-Noorokkanaad Hills. Cell NO.

Repository of the Past – Reproduced on 27 January 2019 in the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Date: 21-03-2016 To,

Shri Pranab Mukherjee,
His Excellency, The Hon’ble President
Sovereign Republic of India Raisina hills,
Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi – 01

2. Shri Narendra Modi ji,
The Hon’ble Prime Minister
Sovereign Republic of India,
South Block, New Delhi – 01

3. His Excellency Ban Ki Moon,
Secretary General of the United Nations,
Headquarters, 1st ave and 46th Street,
New York, NY 10017 USA.

4. His Excellency Francois Hollande,
President of France,
Elysee Palace, Paris, France.

5. Shri Rajnath Singh ji,
The Hon’ble Union Minister of Home Affairs,
Govt of India, North Block New Delhi – 01

6. Smt. Sushma Swaraj ji,
The Hon’ble Minister for External Affairs,
Union Govt of India, South Block New Delhi – 01

7. His Excellency Mr Francois Richier,
Ambassador of France to India,
2/50-E,Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Through the Deputy Commissioner of Kodagu / Coorg
br> Dear Sir /Madam,


Sub: Devattparamb tragic holocaust - French was criminally responsible for war crime at Devatt Paramb -CNC sought apology from France for their military, diplomatic and financial participation in 12th December, 1785 which they had extended to Megalomaniac Brutal Barberian Tipu Sultan to eliminate Aboriginal indigenous Codava race in its entirety. It would set a new example much like Japan and Germany moving beyond the bitter experiences of World War II and also British Prime Minister David Cameron apologised in 2013 for Jallianwala Bagh massacre, he bowed his head at the memorial in the Jallianwala Bagh public gardens. In a handwritten note in the book of condolence for victims of the massacre, Cameron quoted and described the shootings, in his own words, as a "deeply shameful event".


On 12th Dec of 1785, under the leadership of the French General Lally, the ruler of Mysore, tyrant Brutal Barberian Tipu sultan and his rapacious soldiers jointly massacred 60,000 Codavas in Devattparamb and about 65000 Codava survivors (including women and children), among them the women were raped and children were forcefully indoctrinated to Islam. The main backbone to this event was the French empire, they extended their military support, financial support, political support, diplomatic support and they equipped them with modern weapons. This is an undisputed theory.

One must know that none of the four East India Companies:- Portuguese, Dutch, English and French, had not have the magnanimity of fostering a wish to help India flourishing in all fronts and so the Maharajas, Kings, Monarchs, Princes and Nawabs, and the like who ruled and misruled the respective states of Indian subcontinent and amassed wealth and led unimaginable luxurious life at the cost of their gullible subjects, have never pioneered the movements for independents and nothing about establishing the democratic rule.

The aliens such as Portuguese, Dutch, British and French were the chief competitors to take control of spices grown in India, particularly pepper trade cultivated in South Western Coastal regions of India, especially Malabar, Cochin and Travancore, which use to be wealthiest flourishing kingdoms of that period and the princely state of Travancore known to be the most benevolent and wealthiest kingdom of that era.

The Portuguese under the leadership of Navigator Captain Vasco Da Gama gained first entry into Calicut in the year 1498, preparatory to establish Portuguese East India Company with the prior permission of King Zamorin, the ruler of Malabar at the time. Similarly, Britishers introduced themselves into India and established their business house called British East India Company at Surat in 1600. History records the fact that British Ambassador to Mughal empire, Sir Thomas Roe did influence Emperor Jahangir for the same. Next intruders were Dutch, followed by French East India Company with an eye on natural resources and spices and exploit the same from the Indian soil.

All 600 princely states of Indian subcontinent existing at the time, who use to oppose and quarrel each other prior to the introduction of these East India Companies and they also joined hands with each of the East Indian companies with an idea of protecting their respective territories from the aggression. Needless to add that these four East Indian Companies also in order to expand their business empire, grabbed the opportunity left open and they too supported the respective local rulers and extended them with military support and opened them through diplomatic channels to the western countries for their gain.

It is a known fact that the Zamorin kings of Malabar were the supporters of Portuguese East India Company and Nair kings of Cochin were the supporters of Dutch East India Company and Varma King of Travancore Province supported by British East India Company.(The Catholics of Mangalore who were in friendly terms with the British and the Portuguese and would contribute to them by giving away their rice and paddy grown by them in their paddy fields. This angered Brutal Barberian Tipu and the French. He then, massacred the Catholics of Mangalore and the ones that survived had forcefully been converted to Islam).

Similarly, the Lingayath Rulers of Coorg and their subjects- Codava warriors were in favour of the British East India company. Napoleon Bonaparte wanted to conquer the world and be the super power but the then super power during the presence of French East India Company, the mighty British stood on his way. Brutal Barberian Tipu, who was notorious for dacoity, murder, invasion, rape, slander, betrayer, Detroit, megalomaniac and fanatic was supported by Napoleon. Brutal Barberian Tipu was sadist and wasn't trustworthy, neither did he trust anyone else. Even the Nawabs were shaken by his rapacious acts, they too were up against him. Napoleon on the other hand supported such a prick of a man to defeat the British.

Coorg was strategically, a buffer zone which linked Mangalore and Malabar. Through the port of Malabar & Mangalore, Napoleon had to supply modern weapons to Mysore through French East India Company via Coorg to strengthen Brutal Barberian Tipu’s army. Brave Codavas continuously resisted the trade, therefore, Brutal Barberian Tipu decided to conquer Coorg. Many times when attacked by Brutal Barberian Tipu and his army, shrewd Codava guerrilla fighters defeated them terribly. Codavas continuously resisted Brutal Barberian Tipu and protected their motherland. Brutal Barberian Tipu, decided to conquer Coorg by hook or by crook and hence depended on the French army.

Brutal Barberian Tipu then, with the help of General Lally deceitfully invited Codavas to 'make peace' by saying that his real enemies are the British and the Marathas and not Codavas. He invited all the Codavas for a congenial feast unarmed. In the pretext of a new friendship, he called the Codavas to go unarmed to Devattparamb for a feast with family. According to the folkloric literary peace “Pattolepalame”, 1,25,000 Codavas went for this event. This is an official document published by the Karnataka government.

Devattparambis an ancient battleground and a summit Mandh (later it became a slaughter house) situated on the banks of the sacred river Cauvery near the Tala Cauvery- Bhagamandala pilgrimage centre. On 12.12.1785, all Codavas congregated here. The French allied forces and Brutal Barberian Tipu’s rapacious soldiers, as planned, were hiding behind the bamboo shrubs & bushes on the banks of the river Cauvery and attacked the unarmed Codavas and caught them off guard, slaughtering 60,000 Codavas. This merciless and heart wrenching act can be compared to the infamous Jallianwallah bagh massacre by Brigadier General Reginold Dyer, ruthless Hitler's genocide/concentration camp massacre and Hiroshima & Nagasaki’s Holocaust.

The cries and screams of the men and the women, the victims of this deadly event still echoes in this world. This disgusting event& untold misery of Codava women has been recorded by Brutal Barberian Tipu’s historian, Mir Hussain Ali Khan Kirmani and also by Brutal Barberian Tipu himself in the Persian language. When this callous act was taking place, Brutal Barberian Tipu, watched spitefully from the top of a hill (Kopati kund/Kopati Mountains). 60,000 Women, children, men were slaughtered to death, while the rest who survived were dragged across this earth in chains and sent to the Ganjam of Srirangapatna. This war crime (Devatt Paramb holocaust) has caused displacement and enslavement of thousands of innocent Codavas. This devilish incident can be compared to what the unlawful Islamic Caliphate run by inhuman ISIS men are doing nowadays to the innocent Yazidi women, who are trapped, captured, raped and persecuted in Sinjar mountains between the quadri-junction of Iraq, Iran, Syria & Turkey.

A lot of powerless Codavas died of thirst, and hunger on the way. The married women were obnoxiously raped and left in shambles by the monster soldiers of megalomaniac Brutal Barberian Tipu and General Lally's notorious French soldiers. Even the most extortionate perfumes from birth place of Brutal Barberian Tipu’s ancestor - Persia and General Lally's birth place - Paris can't destroy the nauseous smell of the Codavas' corpse which lay on Devattparamb. (Brutal Barberian Tipu destroyed and massacred even the Iyengars of Malukote, Iyers of Kumbakonam and Palghat, Nairs of Malabar and Cochin, Roman Catholics of Mangalore). This inhumane act conducted by Brutal Barberian Tipu with the help of General Lally is one of the worst in the history of mankind. It is sin to human race. This Devatt parambu village turned entire Coorg into a graveyard. A large piece of land where all one could hear is screams of the dying and cries of their families. French allied forces and Brutal Barberian Tipu’s army charged with raiding residences, temples belonging to Codava race across Coorg. More than 300 temples from Irpu Ramalingeshwara to Bhagandeshwara Temple in Bhagamandala , Veera Bhadreshwara to Nanjundeshwara Temples were Vandalized by Brutal Barberian Tipu, (The Shaiva style of Architectural shrines were built by The Mighty Chola Kings ; Coorg aka Codavaland was under Chola Empire existed flourished & Cherished as a self ruled independent Territory was the only regime on that Period considered as Golden Period in the Codava History ) This act against humanity is a war crime. This is the most traumatic chapter in the history of Codava race. Through French East India Company, the French Empire provided Brutal Barberian Tipu with high armed cannonade contingent to attack, kill and destroy Codavas. This can be proved by the endless iron cannon balls that can be found in the Nalnad region of Kodagu (Coorg) even today. We herewith attest the photographs of cannon- balls found in the Nalnad region of Kodagu (Coorg).

The battle between Codavas and Brutal Barberian Tipu Sultan is one of the most bitter rivalries in South India. There were repeated attempts to capture Kodagu by the sultan and his father Hyder Ali before him. The primary reason for sultan's interest in Kodagu was that by annexing Kodagu would provide him access to Mangalore port. The Codavas knew their lands and mountains very well, which made them excellent at guerrilla warfare. Codavas were outnumbered 3 to 1 in most of Brutal Barberian Tipu's attempts to annex Kodagu but they managed to beat back Brutal Barberian Tipu most of the times by drawing his army towards hilly regions of their land.

On few occasions, Brutal Barberian Tipu's army managed to reach Madikeri (Capital of Kodagu) but the Codavas always ambushed the contingent left behind by Brutal Barberian Tipu. Codavas refusal to bow before the sultan was primarily because throughout their history they enjoyed independence, though there were Rajahs ruling over them, governance of the land mainly rested with Codavas. After capturing Kodagu on another occasion, Brutal Barberian Tipu proclaimed, "If you ever dare to ambush my men again, I will honour everyone of you with Islam", undeterred, the resilient Codavas ambushed his men yet again and drove them back to Mysore. By now Brutal Barberian Tipu realized conventional warfare would never yield him Kodagu. He devised a plan to annex Kodagu by offering his friendship. His offer of friendship was welcomed by Codavas as the battles with the Sultan over the years had cost them dearly. When Codavas welcomed Sultan to their land in the name of friendship, the Sultan and his men attacked them and took thousands as prisoners. Brutal Barberian Tipu got Runmust Khan, the Nawab of Kurnool, to launch a surprise attack upon the Codava Hindus who were besieged by the invading Muslim army. 60,000 were killed and over 40,000 Codavas fled to the woods and concealed themselves in the mountains. Thousands of Codavas were seized along with the Raja and held captive at Srirangapatana. Arguably, they were thought to be subjected to forcible conversions to Islam, death, and torture. In Srirangapatana, the young men were all forcibly circumcised and incorporated into the Ahmedy Corps, and were formed into eight Risalas or regiments. For e.g. Present day regiment of Madras Engineering Group (MEG) consists of 27 battalions on an average, each battalion has soldiers numbering from 600 to 1500. It is for us to assess the actual figures (i.e. of Codava population) of eight regiments. The actual number of Codavas that were captured in the operation is unclear. The British administrator Mark Wilks gives it as 70,000, Historian Lewis Rice arrives at the figure of 85,000, while Mir Kirmani's score for the Coorg campaign is 80,000 men, women and child prisoners.

In a letter to Runmust Khan, Brutal Barberian Tipu himself stated: "We proceeded with the utmost speed, and, at once, made prisoners of 40,000 occasion-seeking and sedition-exciting Coorgis, who alarmed at the approach of our victorious army, had slunk into woods, and concealed themselves in lofty mountains, inaccessible even to birds. Then carrying them away from their native country (the native place of sedition) we raised them to the honour of Islam, and incorporated them into our Ahmedy corps."

The aggression and elimination of Aboriginal indigenous Codava race by the demon like Brutal Barberian Tipu can never be erased from the memories of human race and world history, in particular. But the self-aggrandising leftists and so called progressive thinkers and those who lack emotional and sensitivity did not consider the atrocious acts of Brutal Barberian Tipu to be a crime against humanity, instead they continuously glorify him as a patriotic hero and the champion of the freedom struggle and only because of that, such a heinous tragic massacre could never become an international subject to think over. Such a thing believably could happen on account of the crude factor that the international entry into the subject were deliberately shut, and with that all the sufferings and massacre of Codavas lay buried forever. Such a tragic holocaust could be translated into action only on account of the support and help lent by the French Empire through its allied forces.

The inhuman tragic massacre perpetrated against Codavas, jointly by Brutal Barberian Tipu and French Allied forces minimized the Codava population from over 1500 clans into 842 clans today (Earlier each Codava habitation was recognised according to the number of Codava clans residing in that region for e.g. Noorakkanad (Noor + vakka) means 100 clans, likewise Thombadokka means 90 clans, Embadokka means 80 clans, Yelvadokka means 70 clans i.e. Yevakapady, Arvadokka (60 clans), Imbadokka (50 clans), Napa Oka/Napok(40 clans), Nuppadokka(30 clans), Irvadokka(20 clans), Pathokka(10 clans) and Anjokka (5 clans)[was the village which had the least number of clans i.e. 5 clans in that village]. After the tragic holocaust of Devattparamb in 1785 by Brutal Barberian Tipu & French Allied Forces, the number of clans in each village has dwindled dramatically for e.g Noorakkanad which had 100 clans, now has only one Codava clan remained by name Porimanda. For e.gYevakapadyhad 70 clans (70 vokkas)and now only 14 clans are left. These all are the glaring examples of holocaust committed by Brutal Barberian Tipu Sultan.)The unspeakable atrocities suffered by Codavas haunt many of their descendants. What happened to their patriarchs and their loved ones during those eventful and sordid days can neither forgive and nor forget. Many countries have formerly apologised for war crimes in World War II, China still holds Japan responsible for forcing thousands of Chinese women to become sex slaves. Decades after the war, Japan apologized for the war crimes, committed by its soldiers in a number of countries – China, Korea and Philippines; Germany accepted responsibility for the holocaust. British Prime Minister David Cameron apologised in 2013 for Jallianwala Bagh massacre, he bowed his head at the memorial in the Jallianwala Bagh public gardens. In a handwritten note in the book of condolence for victims of the massacre, Cameron quoted and described the shootings, in his own words, as a "deeply shameful event".Old wounds have resurfaced due to continued glorification of Brutal Barberian Tipu by the successive govt. agencies for the brutal genocide that claimed thousands of Codava lives in 1785.

According to Karma theory, one of the strongest beliefs in the Hindu Dharmashastra – “What goes around, comes around”. French who participated and blessed Brutal Barberian Tipu with the horrific and murderous act, and terrorized thousands of Codava people 231 years back. The same Brutal Barberian Tipu is idolized as iconic figure by dreaded terrorist organization like Al Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL), who are a threat to the human race and a sin to the world have been attacking the same France continuously of the past three years after more than two centuries. Read thus:

Terror attacks in France since 2013 till date

On the afternoon of 25 May 2013, French soldier Cedric Cordier was attacked and stabbed by a man in the Paris suburb of La Défense in what has been described as a terrorist attack. The attack occurred three days in the aftermath of the murder of a British soldier in Woolwich, London, which may have inspired a copycat attack.

In late afternoon, Saturday 25 May 2013, Private first class Cédric Cordier was patrolling a busy underground hall in La Défense in uniform with two other servicemen. Around 6 p.m., a man approached Cordier from behind and attacked him with a knife. The attacker stabbed Cordier in the neck and fled into a crowded shopping area before the other servicemen could react. The attacker stabbed the soldier several times, narrowly missing Cordier's jugular vein and carotid artery.

The soldier attacked a 23-year-old Private first class Cédric Cordier. He was stabbed in the neck and had lost a considerable amount of blood; however, his injuries were not life-threatening. He was in a stable condition and was treated at a nearby military hospital. He was released by 29 May.

The suspected attacker was then-21-year-old Alexandre Dhaussy, a Christian convert to Islam. He turned 22 on 30th May. He was known as becoming more radicalized in February, but had not been considered dangerous. Prosecutor François Molins said that Dhaussy's attack was believed to be motivated by his Islamic belief. In 2012, the police stopped him when he acted suspicious as he did not want to wait for a bus with women; in 2011, he refused a job that involved working with women.

2013 Paris attacks

On Friday morning, November 13, 2013, a gunman attacked the offices of the news channel BFM TV, in Paris. On Monday, November 16, 2013, a gunman attacked the offices of the newspaper Libération and the headquarters of the bank Société Générale. The gunman hijacked a motorist to drive him to Champs-Élysées before releasing him. The attacks set off a manhunt in search of the gunman. On November 20, French authorities arrested Abdelhakim Dekhar in Bois-Colombes on suspicion of carrying out the gun attacks. Authorities said DNA and video evidence indicated he was responsible for all the attacks. They said that prior to his arrest, Dekhar consumed drugs in a possible suicide attempt. In 1998, Dekhar was sentenced to 4 years in prison for having bought a gun in the Rey-Maupin affair. A former Algerian officer, Dekhar pleaded his innocence in the case, stating that he had been recruited by the Algerian secret services to infiltrate the French far-left. He was released soon after his verdict, having served much of the time pre-verdict. French authorities believe he subsequently lived in Britain for several years. After the 2013 arrest, the police found two letters allegedly written by Dekhar where he condemned capitalism and wrote about an alleged fascist plot that was helped by "media manipulation of the masses"

2014 Nantes attack

On 22 December 2014, a man in the French city of Nantes ran over ten pedestrians in his white van at the city's Christmas market, and then attempted suicide by stabbing himself. One person was pronounced clinically dead the following day. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that the attacker in Nantes was "unbalanced". There were initial reports that the attacker had shouted the Islamic expression "Allahu Akbar" as the Dijon attacker had done the previous night.

2014 Dijon attack

On 21 December 2014, a man in the French city of Dijon was arrested after running over 11 pedestrians in five areas of the city in the space of half an hour. Two were seriously injured. The man was shouting the Islamic expression "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great). The attack came a day after the 2014 Tours police station stabbing in which a man also shouting Allahu Akbar was shot by police in Joué-lès-Tours after he had wounded three of them with a knife. The Dijon attack was followed the next day by the 2014 Nantes attack. The man arrested was reported to be aged around 40 at the time. He had been known to the police for minor offences over the course of 20 years, and had also spent time in a psychiatric hospital. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve described him as "very unstable". The Interior Ministry believed that the man had acted alone, and anti-terrorism investigators opened an inquiry into the attack.

2014 Tours police station stabbing

On 20 December 2014, a man in Joué-lès-Tours near the city of Tours in central France entered a police station shouting "Allahu Akbar" and began to attack officers with a knife, injuring three before he was shot and killed. The stabbing attack is regarded by French authorities as an act of terrorism. The attacker was identified as Bertrand Nzohabonayo, age 20, a French citizen and former rap musician born in Burundi in 1994. The attacker had taken Bilal as his new name upon conversion to Islam, and had been posting Islamist material on his Facebook page, including a photograph of the black flag of the Islamic State.

In Burundi, a majority-Christian country, police arrested the attacker's brother, Brice Nzohabonayo, a man with known Islamist sympathies, and stated that they had informed French authorities that both brothers should be regarded as suspect due to their radical Islamist opinions. Nzohabonayo, a recent convert to Islam, has been called the "first of the lone wolves," part of a "drumbeat" of Islamist attackers who struck France with acts of lone wolf terrorism in the weeks preceding the Charlie Hebdo shooting, attacks that began a month after ISIL released a video on 19 November 2014, in French, urging Muslims to carry out attacks against non-Muslims, "kill them and spit in their faces and run over them with your cars." This series of attacks included the 2014 Nantes attack and the 2014 Dijon attack.These three lone wolf attacks occurred on three consecutive days, although only the stabbing attack in Joué-lès-Tours has been officially categorized as a terrorist attack. Although the three attacks were deemed unrelated with one another, the French government heightened the nation's security and deployed 300 soldiers to patrol the nation's streets.

On 7 January 2015, two brothers, Said and Cherif Kouachi, attacked French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris with assault rifles and other weapons. They killed 11 people and injured 11 others in the building. After leaving, they killed a French National Police officer outside the building. The gunmen belonged to the Islamist terrorist group Al-Qaeda's branch in Yemen known as Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). AQAP took responsibility for the attack.

On January 8th, a gunman named Amedy Coulibaly shot and killed a female police officer in Paris.

On 9th January Amedy Coulibaly took hostages at a Jewish supermarket near Porte de Vincennes siege in Paris had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL), and was a close friend of Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi , the gunmen in the Charlie Hebdo attack. Armed with a submachine gun, an assault rifle, and two pistols, he entered and attacked the people in the Kosher food market and murdered four Jewish hostages, and held fifteen other hostages during a siege in which he demanded that the Kouachi brothers not be harmed. The police ended the siege by storming the store and killing Coulibaly.

Another terrorist attack took place on 26 June 2015 in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, near Lyon, France, when a French Muslim of North African descent, Yassine Salhi, decapitated his employer Herve Cornara and drove his van into gas cylinders at a gas factory in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier near Lyon, France, which caused an explosion that injured two other people. Salhi was arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder linked to terrorism. French authorities believe that Salhi has links with the Islamist terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

On 21 August 2015, a shooting and stabbing incident took place onboard a train in France on its way from Amsterdam to Paris. The train had just crossed the border from Belgium into France when the perpetrator opened fire in a train carriage before being subdued by passengers. He stabbed one passenger. Four people were injured including the attacker. The incident is believed by French police to be an Islamist terrorist attack, although the gunman claimed the motivation was robbery due to hunger.

On the evening of13 November 2015, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks occurred in Paris and its northern suburb, Saint-Denis. At 2120 hrs local time, three suicide bombers struck near the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, followed by suicide bombings and mass shootings at cafes, restaurants and a music venue in central Paris. The attackers killed 130 people, including 89 at the Bataclan theatre, where they took hostages before engaging in a stand-off with police. 368 people were injured. Seven of the attackers also died. The attacks were the deadliest on France since World war II, and the deadliest in the European Union since the Madrid train bombings in 2004 . The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying that it was in retaliation for the French airstrikes on ISIL targets in Syria and Iraq. The President of France, François Hollande, said the attacks were an act of war by ISIL planned in Syria, organised in Belgium, and perpetrated with French complicity. On 18 November, the suspected lead operative of the attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was killed in a police raid in Saint-Denis, along with at least two other people. The attackers were divided into three teams. They launched six distinct attacks: three suicide bombings in one attack, a fourth suicide bombing in another attack, and shootings at four locations in four separate attacks.

Threatening letter to French Consulate in Bangalore on Jan 21, 2016

On January 11, 2016 the French Consulate situated near Mount Carmel College, Vasanthnagar received a letter from Chennai threatening dire consequences if France President Francois Hollande visited India to attend Republic day celebrations on Jan 26, 2016. The staff of French Consulate found the letter and lodged a complaint with High Ground Police on January 14. The letter with three lines in English was posted from Chennai and was signed as ‘al-Qaeda’. The letter stated that the French President must drop his plans of visiting India for Republic Day celebrations. “If he comes, his life will be under threat,” the letter stated. The letter had a Chennai address and it turned out to be fake.

Above incident recall us that 231 years back, Brutal Barberian Tipu gave birth to World Terrorism by trying to eliminate every Codava at Devattparamb, the French who participated, helpedand supported him, give rise to such a barbaric act that after more than 231 years have been suffering – now the Karma theory is taking its course. The cycle of their sin and curse of Codava is now tangled in France’s throat. Now the French, should atleast realize & repent for their past mistakes, how they helped Brutal Barberian Tipu to massacre 60,000 Codavas, destroy our tribe. France must publicly apologize for their act, for better human being - On the same lines of Japan and Germany, who committed mass murder during the World War II, have repented and apologized after 70 years.It would set a new example much like Japan and Germany moving beyond the bitter experiences of World War II and also British Prime Minister David Cameron apologised in 2013 for Jallianwala Bagh massacre, he bowed his head at the memorial in the Jallianwala Bagh public gardens. In a handwritten note in the book of condolence for victims of the massacre, Cameron quoted and described the shootings, in his own words, as a "deeply shameful event".

Since the League of Nations, failed to prevent the inevitable unrest & blood shed occurred during the course of second world war which led to the promulgation of Atlantic declaration in 1944 at Dumbarton Oaks Conference in Washington which eventually gave birth to the United Nations Organizations with all the five, which have veto power in UN security Council for original signatories of the charter. In other words, the main theme and objective of the existent of the UNO is to protect the basic human rights and to respect the self-determination rights of each and every nationality and ethnic group. France which until then was the aggressive nation, was signatory to the Atlantic Declaration and UN charter. And it has transformed itself into the champion of the human rights across the world. Hence, France must look into and address the pains and pangs of Codavas. France must atleast test the veracity of our pains and pang with very same honesty.

We appeal to the UN, War Crime Court, Indian Govt, French Govt and French Ambassador to India to take advantage of the good international ties that India has built with France in the recent times and appeal to France for the apology towards the Codava race, who are living with this pain & sorrowful days of brutal death of their patriarchs in their hearts for 231 years because of this treacherous incident that took place under the leadership and support of the French empire. Codavas being a small martial tribe, have contributed so immensely to the nation’s security- every Codavas household have atleast one member serving the nation – we hope that all the concerned would consider our appeal within six months or we will be forced to sit for a satyagraha outside the French Embassy for the same. French was criminally responsible for the siege of Codavas at Devatt Paramb and had committed crime against humanity in Coorg.

PS:We request the UNO to examine and authenticate the cannon balls found in Nalnad region, which are believed to be French Cannonades supplied by French Empire through French East India Company to Brutal Barberian Tipu Sultan& French Allied Forces to eliminate Codava warriors at Devattparamb and publish the actual ballistic report touching the authenticity of the assertion that the cannon balls are of French origin.

Thanking you,

FAQ: Codava Tribalism & Autonomy

Date: 26/01/2018 In a Democracy, Rights will not come through mere statute book or Govt’s guidelines alone, but one must snatch the rights. - CNC.

1. As per this argument only Jarwas of Andaman are entitled for ST status.

2. North Coorg club or Bamboo clubs are not the parameters to ascertain Codava tribalism.

3. Do the 6 ethnic groups of Assam which are to be included in the ST list through Constitutional amendment Bill moved by HM fulfil the tribal trait?

4. Do the recently included Talavara & parivara communities fulfil the tribal trait? No.

5. How could the ruling Class Nayakas, the Mighty Jarkiholi clan with the Population of 50 lakhs get ST tag?

6. There is not much benefit in the religious minority tag. Only you can run Educational institutions under articles 29&30 of our Constitution. That is why Mighty lingayats are aspiring for religious minority tag to protect their large educational mafiadom. In our case there is no space or scope for negativity, we are committed to get included in the schedule list of our Constitution. Only 2 percent Codavas are economically strong. Remaining people are hand to mouth.

7. We will create the atmosphere of political compulsion also, if it is necessary.

8. Those who are interested in short term gain or adhochism like civic facilities, let them demand & fight for those demands. Let them not come in our way or mislead gullible people. We will strive to achieve our goals through Constitutional agitation.

9. Those who are eager to attain religious minority tag let them fight for it and achieve it, but we, the CNC will strive for ST tag & Autonomy, wherein Autonomy is our ultimate goal.

10. We Codavas are experts in talking about the loopholes of technicalities only to escape from the larger responsibilities.

11. Our Constitution is Federal in nature, Flexible & Adaptable and it can be evolved according to the needs of the people.

12. I have studied the criteria’s 30 years ago. This is not new to me. The negative thinking is borrowed from Nonagenarian rusted & tired coterie.

13. Whenever we start some constructive approach for durable solution to Codava unrest, this gang under the influence of anti Codava elements, inject venom in the minds of innocent Codava tribe and confuse them.

14. In a Democracy, Rights will not come through mere statute book or Govt’s guidelines alone, but one must snatch the rights.

Thanking you,


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